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20 Highlights to Celebrate 20 Years of KCI

April 7, 2021

The past twenty years have been full of amazing moments of learning, growth, and innovation, and we are thrilled to welcome you to our year long birthday celebration. We’ve collected some exciting facts to capture the KCI story, and we hope you will join in and share your own memories with us.

Join us as we take a moment to celebrate our impact and the power of the KCI community at large!

infographic: 20 highlights for 20 years, Krause Center for Innovation

(infographic text)

  • Taught & transformed 22,000 educators
  • Educator satisfaction rating above 90%  
  • Impacted over 2,220,000 K-12 students
  • Provided 64,000 hours of professional development
  • Awarded grant to create & launch KCI Makerspace program
  • Developed 3 new state approved certificate programs
  • Granted online learning certificate by state in 2 weeks
  • 58 teachers instructing other teachers using KCI methods
  • Educators throughout the USA participated in KCI programs
  • Trained educators from around the world
  • Created 8 official Innovative Professional Learning programs
  • Donor supported 10+ years of grade 3-12 math programs
  • KCI staff awarded 3 Technology Leader of the Year awards
  • Proven ability to meet new & evolving educational demands
  • EnhancesKCI graduates’ ability to achieve higher positions
  • Team building events focused on strengthening community ties
  • Created kids camps focused on engineering & computer science
  • Developed tailored training programs for 15 school districts
  • Created 366 Foothill College “Learning in New Media” classes
  • Founder & Executive Director, Gay Krause, awarded Woman of the Year by state legislature in 2015 & 2020

Looking forward to what new highlights our future holds!

KCI Established in 2000

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