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STEAM, Myself, and I: Get to Know Your STEAM Identity at KCI

April 5, 2021

Finding the intersection among STEAM fields allows students to see the application of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics as well as recognize a variety of related career pathways. This is why we are so excited to direct KCI’s new STEAM Leadership Program this summer! We have worked as math, computer science, and STEAM teachers for a combined 35 years. Cristina Bustamante currently works at Ocala STEAM Academy, a school that is a part of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program. Ed Campos works for the Kings County Office of Education as a Math/Computer Science Consultant.  We are excited to share our knowledge and love of all things STEAM with you! 

KCI’s STEAM Leadership Program is designed to provide 6-12th grade educators with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional learning community. They will be empowered to reflect on current practices in order to become interdisciplinary, student-centered, and responsive educators providing relevant STEAM integration strategies. Using a culturally-responsive lens, participants will engage in activities that highlight the power of integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, and math into all disciplines of learning. Participants will graduate not only ready to engage in STEAM tasks with their students but also ready to share their knowledge with their peers. 

Before you can dive into the art of integrating content areas, you must first understand where you are within the individual disciplines. During our summer institute, we will spend time considering the impact of social justice and equity through the lens of STEAM. You will have an opportunity to discover and articulate your own STEAM identity, considering where you see yourself as not only an educator but also a project designer, innovator, and instructional entrepreneur.

In addition to earning 12 quarter units from Foothill College, participants will walk away with a California State Certificate of Achievement in STEAM Instructional Leadership. What does that mean? Simply stated, you will experience professional doors open in ways they hadn’t before. You will have confidence that prepares schools and classrooms to be flexible, responsive, and vibrant as we move forward with integrated learning. It means you ROCK and you’re part of a small group of professionals that are positioned to lead schoolwide, programmatic change in the area of STEAM. 

This program allows participants to be learners and experience tasks as students paired with reflection and debrief with fellow educators. They’ll see the learning from all sides and strategically think about what that might look like inside individual classrooms. Being in a room with other educators that share the same passion along with their own unique assets creates an incredibly special learning experience and provides an opportunity to have rich discussions about implementation and delivery. 

There is nothing like a KCI program. The continued support throughout the year and comradery developed provides a professional learning network that lasts. We hope to see you in the STEAM program this summer. 
If you have any questions, reach out to Justin Sewell, KCI Director of Programs and Partnerships, at

To learn more about the program and apply, visit

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