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CUE to You!

March 29, 2023

Highlights, resources, and more from Spring CUE 2023

This year’s CUE Spring Conference was truly an inspiring experience, and if you haven’t attended it before, it is one of the best conferences in California and beyond for educators. The conference focuses on the latest ideas in teaching and learning and innovative educational technology for schools. Each spring, the conference is held in the beautiful Palm Springs convention center. 

The Krause Center for Innovation team had the opportunity to attend, present, and meet with educators during the event. There were many sessions, keynotes, and networking events, so many were impossible to attend. The conference focused on AR/VR, equity & accessibility, identity, wellness, eSports, and more. It is exciting to see how educators can connect, learn and share thoughtful technology integrations. 

CUE Conference - Table w MakerSpace Activity

We brought some of our MakerSpace with us, allowing visitors to our table the opportunity to make a luggage tag using pens, stickers, templates, and a laminator. There are so many ways these tags could be used in the classroom, helping to integrate that “maker” mindset into the curriculum.

CUE Presentations

KCI Alumni Ambassador, Sandhya Raman
KCI Alumni Ambassador, Sandhya Raman

Sandhya Raman | KCI Instructor | @sandyraman | Teacher | Department Co-Lead

Session: Digitizing Conversations in a Mathematics Classroom -Tools & Tips

Overview: Sandhya showcased digital resources, tech tools, and tips to digitize mathematical conversations using the design thinking framework meaningfully. The session highlighted the look and sound of conversations and combined this with a mathematical learning perspective.

KCI Instructor, Ed Campos

Ed Campos | KCI Instrutor | @edcampOSjr | Education Consultant

Session: STEAM, Myself and I: Investigating Our STEAM Identities

Overview: Ed and Cristina (see bio below) presented the understanding of our identities and those of our students so that we can provide an equitable education, especially in STEAM subjects. Interactive strategies were provided to participants.

KCI Instructor, Cristina Bustamante

Cristina Bustamante | KCI Instructor | @Cbustamante2222 | Educator & Coach

Session: STEAM, Myself and I: Investigating Our STEAM Identities

Overview: See above.

Cultivating genius using picture books as mentor text slide by Jennifer Young Akimo

Jennifer Young Akimo | KCI Instructor | @msyoung428 | Educator

Session: Cultivating Genius focusing on using Picture Books as Mentor Texts

Overview: Jennifer’s session focused on using picture books as mentor texts to incorporate a social justice lens. She shared social justice standards to find texts that support these standards.

Sawsan Jaber PhD

Sawsan Jaber | KCI Instructor | Tech Leader | Consultant

Session: The Architecture of Equity in English Classes: Learn, Link, and Lead for Social Change

Overview: This session focused on modifying the curriculum to get students to learn about their own identities by integrating identity, positionally, and privilege. The goal was to get students to become scholar-activists.

Spring/Summer Grant-Funded PD

Need units, want to keep the learning going? Check out our Spring/Summer professional development season is here. Be sure to check out the KCI programs and workshops. These are grant-funded, and many include units! Check out the Spring/Summer catalog HERE.

Spring Summer 2023 Catalog

Highlights from CUE 2023

ChatGPT: The big focus of the conference was AI/AR and ChatGPT. Check out the following resources:

  • Brent Warner’s (@BrentGWarner) ChatGPT in the Classroom slide show and Padlet. This is a great resource for ideas to incorporate into your classroom.

Wellness & Mindfulness: This year, CUE provided wellness and mindfulness for participants with a Zen Den, Mindfulness walk, and morning hike. The Zen Den, a wellness playground and outdoor oasis, featured everything needed to relax and unwind. A wonderful addition to a sometimes hectic conference. Check it out!

Click HERE to see the full video.

State Parks Portal: Have you seen the CA States Park Portal? So many excellent resources to bring your classroom to life!

  • Visit the PORTAL.
  • Flip hosts a variety of CA State Parks videos; see them HERE

Conference Infographic: Find meaningful tips and tools shared.

Infographic shared by Vasquez, Kristina | @KristinaVsqz

Click HERE to access the interactive infographic.

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