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Tour the MakeSpace at the Krause Center for Innovation: A Field Trip

April 7, 2023

The Krause Center for Innovation Makerspace at Foothill College is a prototyping lab providing the community with resources to design using a variety of computer-aided design and manufacturing tools. Educators and Foothill College students can schedule an appointment to visit the Makerspace. We provide not only the tools but certification and events. 

Teacher Will Cavada brought his students to the KCI Makerspace for a field trip. He wanted to give them access to the equipment that wasn’t available at their high school and have them participate in an innovative “maker” experience. They created their designs and were able to experience being a maker with machines that college students have access to.

“Their interest was really peaked once they were standing by the machines and seeing the designs actually coming out.” – William Cavada

Students worked in the KCI Makerspace to do a project they designed and then got to bring to life. The students had hands-on experience with 3D printers and laser cutters. This transformative experience helped them unleash their creativity with 21st-century skills so they could engage in the world more holistically. Watch the video to hear from the students and learn more about their experiences.

“It transforms a teacher and it transforms my students.” – William Cavada

We invite you to learn more about the KCI Makerspace by visiting our website. We also would love for you to check out our grant-funded (maker)SPACE Program – Supporting Prototyping And Creativity in Education – a program designed for those interested in honing their maker skills and seeking employment in fabrication factories and makerspace community centers, libraries, and educational settings.


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