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Edtech Trends Help Inform Professional Development Experiences at KCI

October 1, 2022

The tech trends of 2022 are not the shiny, new tools of 2021 that many educators grew accustomed to while remote teaching.

Rebecca Torchia, a web editor for EdTech: Focus on K–12,  wrote an article earlier this year on “5 K-12 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2022.” In it, Torchia explained that “The biggest trends in education are the technology solutions that empower teaching and learning.” As such, educators and district administrators are looking to integrate educational technology in ways that are relevant and intentional, while making the process of implementation easier on the end-user. Torchia reflects, “No longer dazzled by shiny, new ed tech, educators are seeking tools and learning models that are as impactful as they are sustainable. These technologies are trending because of how they improve the educational experience for students, teachers and IT leaders.”

Torchia identified five Ed Tech trends that are gaining traction as district decision makers look for more meaningful ways of engaging and teaching today’s youth with technology.

These five trends include:

  • Artificial intelligence powers new technology
  • Cloud technology that permeates applications and data centers.
  • Cybersecurity help s school defend  against growing threats
  • Asynchronous learning gives students more freedom
  • Esports programs gain foothold in K-12

KCI continues to lead with relevant, on-trend professional learning experiences – centered around the topics that are most in-demand. This month, KCI launches a workshop series around Cybersecurity in the classroom. Participants will leave with ideas on how to implement cybersecurity curriculum in their classrooms to help students better understand the opportunities in the field. This cohort is open to any K-14 educator who is interested in learning more about cybersecurity.

Get more information about our Cybersecurity Workshop Series

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