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KCI Goes to Spring CUE 2021

March 23, 2021

What do March, Palm Springs, educational technology, inspiring voices, and hallway conversations all have in common? 

SPRING CUE, of course! 

And there is no pandemic that will get in the way of this spectacular celebration of California’s innovative educators, change agents, and risk-takers, even if we have to make it all happen virtually. This isn’t KCI’s first virtual rodeo. In fact, we took it as an opportunity to shine light on the work that KCI and Foothill College does in the space of online learning and instructional design.  

I had the honor of representing the KCI, Foothill College, and the CUE Higher Education Learning Network (HELN) on Sunday, March 21, at the big show. Reflecting on my work as Adjunct Faculty for the past five years and really embodying the mission of CUE’s HELN, it was clearly time to share simple ways to invigorate community college coursework with some of our favorite, most engaging strategies tried-and-true to K-12 learning. 

Check out the slide deck here:

And while you’re checking out the resources, follow up with some of our other KCI instructors as they share their knowledge and passions with the California education community: 

  • Abby Almerido
  • Jonathon Almerido
  • Brian Briggs
  • Cristina Bustamante
  • Ed Campos
  • Martin Cisneros
  • Kat Goyette
  • Melissa Hero
  • Jesus Huerta
  • Rushton Hurley
  • Adam Juarez
  • Steve McGriff
  • Ryan O’Donnell
  • Jeremiah Reusch
  • Bill Selak
  • Efrain Tovar
  • Sheena Vaidyanathan

As always, we are better because we are #KCItogether! 

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