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KCI Guest Drops on the TLC Ninja Podcast

January 10, 2022

Cate Tolnai, Director of Marketing and Strategy for Krause Innovation Center, was recently featured on the TLC Ninja podcast with podcast hosts Lisa Nowakowski and Nancy Minicozzi, where she discussed KCI’s flagship program, MERIT, among other programs offered by KCI.

What is KCI though?

“Basically, we’re a non-profit that does PD for teachers. It was founded by Bill and Gay Krause. Gay is really the heart and soul and face of the Krause Center for Innovation. If I had to summarize what Gay’s vision was from the beggining of KCI, is to give teachers the professional learning they need to be everything they need to be for their students,” Tolnai spoke with pride of her work with KCI since joining the organization back in 2016.

Four of the five programs that KCI offers are grant-funded. “We are in the market of giving to educators,” Tolnai stated. The programs not only offer participants college units, but culminate with the earning of a CA State Certificate of Achievement.

To listen to the podcast in its entirety, check out this episode of the TLC Ninja Podcast page below:

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