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Krause Center for Innovation hosts inaugural California Adobe Creativity Institute for Coaches and Leaders

April 13, 2023

Los Altos Hills, California – The Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) proudly hosted the first-ever California Adobe Creativity Institute for Coaches and Leaders, held on Saturday, February 25. This groundbreaking event was organized in partnership with the Adobe for Education team and attracted dozens of educators from across the state.

During this full-day event, attendees explored the importance and potential of teaching creativity in all subjects and age groups. They gained valuable insights into designing learning experiences that foster creativity and innovation. Adobe’s team introduced participants to creative tools, including Adobe Express , a web and mobile design tool to use with their students and embed into their curriculum, as well as resources designed by master teachers to help cultivate creativity and foster digital learning in the classroom.

KCI’s Executive Director and Founder Gay Krause said these are the kinds of opportunities the organization strives to offer – those that empower teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to educate the students for the future.

“Both the KCI and Adobe for Education share the belief that fostering creativity in education is vital for the success of students in today’s rapidly evolving world,” said Krause. “KCI is grateful for the collaboration with the Adobe for Education team in making this event a reality.”

The event also included sessions on assessing creative works and planning for a creative learning environment, helping educators integrate these essential skills into their teaching strategies. The day included an inspiring morning keynote, followed by interactive sessions, networking opportunities and a delicious breakfast and lunch. Attendees also received exclusive swag to commemorate the event.

All participants who attended the inaugural California Adobe Creativity Institute for Coaches and Leaders earned their Adobe Creative Educator Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. These certifications demonstrate a commitment to teaching creativity and using Adobe tools effectively in the classroom.

The KCI offers various low and zero-cost professional learning programs for K-14 educators and administrators. Its next workshop, the Tech and Learning Summit, will be held at the KCI on April 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event is designed for Superintendents, Chief Administrative Officers, and district technology and instructional leaders and will offer ideas, best practices, and solutions to help to reshape and reimagine the future of education. To learn more about the KCI and other exciting, innovative programs and workshops, including its flagship MERIT (Making Education Relevant through Innovative Teaching) Program, visit

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