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New KCI Makerspace Initiative: Corporate Team Building

May 6, 2019

KCI was fortunate to receive a two-year grant from the state chancellor’s office through the California Community Colleges Maker Initiative. The grant is coming to an end, and KCI is actively pursuing ways to fund the makerspace moving forward. Luckily, KCI has an advisory board with creative members, and at the winter meeting, the idea to offer the makerspace for corporate team building events emerged. 

Typical corporate team building events focus on physical activities such as scavenger hunts and food/drink sharing. Given the unique nature of the makerspace, KCI can offer teambuilding events that have more substance, yet are still fun and engaging. Our theme is “Connect, design, and learn at the KCI Makerspace.” KCI can also draw on its instructors who are experienced in both ‘making’ and conducting professional development for adults. 

KCI Advisory Board members from Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Cisco have stepped up to help KCI pilot and refine the initiative, and two events were conducted in March and April. The events focused on design thinking challenges, where the groups broke into teams to tackle a series of competitive challenges that required them to collaborate, design, and prototype. The events were led by KCI instructors with expertise in design thinking and making, and were supported by KCI Makerspace student workers who are experts with the tools. An added benefit is the opportunity for student workers to collaborate with industry professionals and show off their talent. 

Both events were successful, with one participant stating, “I haven’t looked at my phone for two hours!” The PwC event sponsor noted that the KCI team building offering was completely unique and agreed that they would sponsor another event in the fall. 

For more information about corporate team building in KCI’s Makerspace, contact

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