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December Innovation Monthly Newsletter

December 1, 2023


Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, we extend our warmest greetings to you. Your dedication, resilience, and passion in shaping young minds are invaluable gifts to our society. In this season of joy and gratitude, we want to express our deepest appreciation for the extraordinary work you do each day.

We also invite you to explore our array of winter workshops and events, carefully designed to support and enrich your professional journey. These sessions are not just an opportunity to enhance your skills but also a platform to connect, share experiences, and celebrate the incredible impact you make in the world of education.

May this holiday season bring you moments of peace, joy, and rejuvenation. Happy Holidays and a heartfelt thank you for all that you do!


Coming Soon!


  • Dec 5th | KCI Connect – Crafting Calm Series  Upcycled Dog/Cat Toys  (In-person @ KCI | FREE | 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm)
  • Dec 7th | Cybersecurity Workshop #2  ( ? Online| FREE) – Passwords and password managers, online safety, personal security, swatting –  Register HERE
  • Dec 9th  | Computer Science – Limitless 2023  (?  Online and in-person at Santa Clara County Office of Education | FREE) Register HERE
  • December 22 – January 1st | – KCI CLOSED


  • Jan 9th | KCI Connect – Crafting Calm Series –Vision Boards, Low Tech Prototyping (In-person @ KCI | FREE | 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm)
  • Jan 19th-20th | CA Educators Together’s Lesson Design Institute (Earn $1000 stipend! In-person in Sacramento | FREE)  See details HERE.
  • Jan 11th, Jan 18th, Feb 1st | Virtual Reality Workshop (in-person @ KCI |$25/workshop | 4:30 pm) Register HERE – (space is limited)


  • Feb 2nd | Artificial Intelligence Leadership Summit (In-person  @ KCI| FREE | 9 am – 3 pm) Register HERE
  • Feb 6: | KCI Connect – Crafting Calm Series Sublimation Coloring/Mugs (In-person @ KCI | FREE | 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm)

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