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Showing Thanks for KCI’s Major Donors

August 28, 2021

On the crisp, summer evening of August 22, 2021, a small group of KCI community members gathered at Gay and Bill Krause’s house in Los Altos Hills, CA to reconnect and celebrate the generosity of several of KCI’s major donors. In attendance were Foothill – DeAnza Community College District leaders, friends, partners, and staff members, and together we connected and reminisced about the last twenty years of the KCI. After a quaint cocktail hour, we sat with new and old friends, and each table was tasked to complete a game card of KCI milestones. Some of these included such impressive statistics as:
  • 46 school districts have received tailored professional learning from the KCI instructional team
  • 2.3 million students have been impacted by KCI programming
  • 64,000 hours of professional learning has been offered to educator throughout the world
Light conversations stemmed from the game discussing these numbers and the backstories of each statistic.

Acknowledging and Celebrating Our Own

After the dinner hour, we listened to Dr. Bernadine Fong recount the founding of the KCI back in 2000 when she served as president of Foothill College. Dr. Judy Miner, current Chancellor of Foothill-DeAnza Community College District, followed with an exciting look into the future of KCI and the hopes of a continued partnership with both organizations. Gay Krause then acknowledged eight of the major donors of the KCI by awarding each with an engraved glass plaque that will hang on the walls of the KCI in the future to be sure the KCI history is preserved. We acknowledged the following individuals and foundations:
  • Neukermans Family Fund — Armand and Eliane Neukermans
  • The Paisley Family Foundation
  • Reddere Foundation/Brown Family Fund — Steve and Shelley Brown
  • Morgan Foundation — Jim and Becky Morgan
  • Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation — Karen Leshner
  • Vadasz Family Foundation — Les and Judy Vadasz
  • House Family Foundation — Dave House and Devyani Kamdar
  • Krause Foundation — Bill Krause & Gay Krause
While we wish we could have thanked all our donors in person, here are a few images that capture the energy and positivity of the whole event:

Interested in donating to the KCI?

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