Student Media Collaboration

Helping each student tell their story and see the national impact of one idea

The end outcome was that students felt empowered. I was reminded that if we give students the space they need to create great work, they will do it.

- Will Cavada

A Student-Impact Story

East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) located in East San Jose, CA offers students the opportunity to work with the KCI and earn dual-enrollment credits through Foothill College while also attending high school classes. Long-time KCI instructor, Will Cavada, works as a Multimedia II teacher in ESUHSD and last spring he designed a video-production project for his high school seniors to capture their pandemic learning experiences. The student videos embodied their voices and told the truth of urban learning during the quarantine period. “The end outcome was that students felt empowered. I was reminded that if we give students the space they need to create great work, they will do it,” Will shares. 


Four student films were recognized in the All American High School Film Festival in New York City in October 2021. Will traveled with the students and their parents to New York City to attend the film festival and celebrate this accomplishment while also exposing the students to the impact of their creative work on a national level.

As featured on ABC7 News

The Creatives

Trapped in the Tank:

Dominic's Story

Orange Skies from the Eastside:

Elijah's Story

The Yellow America:

Bianca's Story

The Alabaster Awakening:

Brian's Story

The Partners

Krause Center for Innovation

As an integral connecting partner, KCI offers Learning in New Media Classrooms (LINC) courses to K-14 students and professionals via Foothill College and provides ample space for innovation and collaboration via the KCI Family of Learners. 

East Side Union High School District

Students participate in this documentary project as the culminating assignment for their Multimedia II course at Mt. Pleasant High School located in East Side Union High School District.

Foothill College

Dual-enrollment opportunities offered through Foothill College invite high school students enrolled in grades 9-12 to enroll in Foothill College classes for free.


WeVideo is a creative video production app that drives deeper learning and student engagement. With WeVideo, teachers and students create engaging content while deepening their own knowledge through the creative process.


Perspectives from the Instructional Leaders

Read more about the role that each instructional leader and institution played in this larger initiative.

Will Cavada

Teacher, ESUHSD and Adjunct Faculty, KCI

Gay Krause

Executive Director, KCI at Foothill College

Martha Guerrero

Director of Instruction, ESUHSD

Innovation starts with inspired leaders, and the visionary teams at East Side Union High School District, the Krause Center for Innovation, and Foothill College walk this talk.

"As a former teacher and principal of Mt. Pleasant High School, I have shared in the pride students and staff feel when our students receive recognition for sharing a piece of them and their story beyond the walls of our school." - Martha Guerrero

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