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Cristin and Ed KCICast Episode 8

The Cristina and Ed STEAM Show

April 14, 2022

  In Episode 8, we get to hang out with Cristina Bustamante and Ed Campos of the KCI STEAM Leadership Program. These two rascals designed the STEAM Leadership Program in…

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FAME participants

KCI Conducts Three Summer Math Programs

October 10, 2019

KCI tripled down on math professional learning programs for educators this summer, with programs geared for 4th-5thgrade teachers, 6th-10thgrade teachers, and a new audience of preservice teachers, earning teaching credentials at…

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FAME Cohort at whiteboard

Popular FAME Program Expands to East Bay

May 6, 2019

KCI is extending the reach of its math professional learning program, FAME (Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence), for middle and high school teachers. After nine years of recruiting teachers from…

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Upping the Ante in Math PD

October 1, 2018

KCI doubled down on math professional development this summer. Not only was the FAME (Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence) program for middle and high school teachers offered for the ninth…

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KCI Develops New FAME Program for 4th & 5th Grade Teachers

May 15, 2018

KCI has conducted the hands-on, technology infused FAME (Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence) program since 2010. In that time, 6th through 10th grade teachers from across the Bay Area, with…

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2017 FAME Program Inspires Math Teachers to Rethink Their Classrooms

September 13, 2017

Student math proficiency, especially in algebra and geometry, is still proving to be difficult for many schools and districts, and success in algebra is a strong indicator of whether or…

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FAME 2017: Maintaining the Focus on Math Tools & Methodologies for Teachers

March 28, 2017

For the eighth consecutive year, the KCI has received funding from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and another family foundation to continue the Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence (FAME) program.…

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