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Cristin and Ed KCICast Episode 8

The Cristina and Ed STEAM Show

April 14, 2022

  In Episode 8, we get to hang out with Cristina Bustamante and Ed Campos of the KCI STEAM Leadership Program. These two rascals designed the STEAM Leadership Program in…

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Class of MERIT21

KCI is Looking for our next MERIT Assistant Director

February 21, 2022

Since 2000, KCI has hosted innovative technology integration workshops and programs for educators all around the globe. Blossoming instructional leaders have participated and led these programs, keeping the content fresh…

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Magnifier on KCI Building (symbolizing retrospective)

2020-2021: A Retrospective Take on KCI’s Instructional Impact

September 17, 2021

Our annual fundraising season is upon us, and we are excited to share a retrospective look at the 2020-2021 school year.

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KCI Makerspace Reopening

KCI’s Makerspace Opens Its Doors!

August 13, 2021

As businesses and organizations open back up in the wake of the pandemic, the KCI is thrilled to announce the reopening of one of its greatest in-person assets: the Makerspace.

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STEAM leadership banner

STEAM, Myself, and I: Get to Know Your STEAM Identity at KCI

April 5, 2021

Finding the intersection among the STEAM fields allows students to see the application of the major disciplines as well as recognize a variety of career pathways. This is why we are so excited to announce KCI’s new STEAM Leadership Program this summer!

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Reimagining MERIT for a New Era of Educators

March 15, 2021

Our vision for the MERIT21 cohort is simple: How will we teach inclusively, create authentically, and instruct with empathy so that our students can take on the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and positivity? Is MERIT21 for you? Find out here.

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Student online with teacher

What does IMPACT mean?

February 16, 2021

At the forefront of educational change, IMPACT focuses on positive shifts that have occurred during the pandemic and cultivates transformations that improve teaching and learning, even when we mostly return to in-person instruction.

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Makerspace Coordinator training

KCI Makerspace Coordinator Program a Hit

October 10, 2019

Over fifty people are on track to receive their Makerspace Coordinator Certificates after the KCI held three, week-long intensives this summer. The Certificate marks the completion of 18 units of…

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Two Makerspace Coordinator Cohorts Graduate

May 6, 2019

Makerspaces are rapidly being implemented by schools, school districts, libraries, and community centers throughout the Bay Area, creating a need for trained staff to plan, implement, and run these spaces.…

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Makerspace Certificate Program in class

Makerspace Certificate Program Provides Training for New Career Path

October 1, 2018

Makerspaces are popping up across the educational spectrum, at schools, libraries, and youth centers. The Maker Movement has revitalized an interest in hands-on projects and the use of various tools…

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