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The KCI designs and implements innovative professional learning for educators & leaders with an emphasis on technology integration and STEAM curriculum. Our community of empowered practitioners serve as current and future thought leaders of excellent, integrated K-12 education throughout CA.

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  • Computer Science & Equity
    Computer Science & Equity
    This recent webinar addressed questions such as: Who has access to computer science education and how might issues of equity be addressed? Why is computer science education necessary for students today? What does a comprehensive computer science education look like? and How can we find time and resources to implement computer science education?
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  • Sandhya's Story
    Sandhya's Story
    Learn how Sandhya makes math come live by integrating technology into her teaching.
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  • Julia's Story
    Julia's Story
    Learn how Julia's broadcast students are gaining self-confidence and research skills.
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  • Margaret's Story
    Margaret's Story
    Learn how Margaret is making online learning fun for her youngest science students.
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  • Justin's Story
    Justin's Story
    Learn how Justin is establishing the level of trust essential to effectively teaching online health education classes.
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  • MERIT20
    Meet four teachers who recently participated in MERIT20, KCI’s premier professional learning program. Find out how it has benefitted their students during this challenging year and provided valuable methods and tools for years to come.
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